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We strive to protect food against unwanted microorganisms.
To this aim, we provide know-how, extensive laboratory services as well as product development and research activities for supporting the food industry, their suppliers and the retailers in producing and marketing foods that are safe and furthermore protected from untimely spoilage.
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Oct. 2014:
InnovaConsult and ISI Food Protection are organizing a series of "taste & smell" workshops for the European food industry. The first workshop in October is focusing on meat fermentation processes. read more here (pdf)
Apr. 2014:
FOODTEC – biotec solutions for microbial food safety
In FOODTEC, we will devise new strategies against gram-negative pathogens. The project is a research collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, funded by the CCJOBS program, http://ccjobs.se/en
Jan. 2014:
ISI newsletter I-2014 - download the current version here (pdf)
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