Food Protection Forum

For providing you with the best possible options for withstanding the challenges from food safety and spoilage, as well as giving you the best possibilities for exploiting the potentials of positive microbiology by fermentation and biopreservation, we would like to invite you to join the FOOD PROTECTION FORUM.

Your participation will provide you with a variety of advantages. From direct access to the latest information, to immediate help and advice in case of acute problems. The FOOD PROTECTION FORUM offers you a platform where you can actively participate in ongoing projects, or alternatively initiate a project of your own.

SUPPORT: direct assistance with all questions and issues relating to food safety and durability

UP TO DATE: access to a comprehensive database with the latest information on food-borne microorganisms, antimicrobials and preservation technologies as well as further aspects of food microbiology

COME TOGETHER: regular workshops and training sessions on current topics relating to applied food microbiology and food safety. Interdisciplinary discussion fora

BRIDGING THE GAP & CROSS-LINKING: know-how transfer from academia and technology development to the food processing industry

Please contact us for details about the FOOD PROTECTION FORUM membership