Fermentation of foods

Did you know that almost one third of the food products of today undergo a fermentation process? The metabolic activity of the fermentation culture is utilised to obtain the desirable changes in taste, smell, or texture as well as to optimise durability, safety or nutritional value.

Would you like to exploit the opportunities from fermentation processes for creating innovative products? To add value to raw material or side stream products? Or would you like to standardise and improve the performance of a spontaneous fermentation process? We can support you in reaching your goals by utilising the multitude of possibilities provided by this type of “positive microbiology”.

We can support you all the way from the initial idea generation to the final implementation of the production process:

  • Extensive expertise within food fermentation
  • Large collection of relevant microorganisms for fermentation
  • Characterisation (genotyping) and deposition of the fermentation flora
  • FERMENTARIUM: in our dedicated food fermentation facility you can directly participate in the development of your fermentation process
  • Risk assessment, documentation of product safety
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Toll production of fermentation cultures for industrial use