Food preservation today

…. far more than “E-numbers”

Most foods require appropriate preservation in order to obtain an adequate shelf-life as well as protection against pathogenic microorganisms. On one hand, preservative-free food is a major trend, but on the other hand, most will agree that we cannot maintain our present society and standard of living, and certainly cannot reduce the global food waste problems, with food that is not stabilised. 

Therefore, state-of-the-art food protection solutions are typically based on multifactorial approaches. Such approaches include an adjustment of product-specific parameters and the application of antimirobial compounds and/or processing technologies. The range of commercially available components such as ingredients is constantly expanding, giving many new opportunities for tailor-made solutions. Examples of state-of-the art food protection solutions are biopreservation concepts based on food-grade microorganisms or on antimicrobial extracts obtained from plant material.

We can support you with

  • Development of preservatives (e.g. biopreservatives, natural extracts, multi-component systems)
  • Development of customised multi-hurdle concepts (DETECT & PROTECT)
  • Optimization of preservatives with respect to 
    -Antimicrobial efficacy
    -Target range
    -Product characteristics
  • Documentation of efficacy in diverse test systems under pilot plant production conditions against all relevant food pathogens and/or food spoilage organisms