Ensuring food durability

Preventing untimely spoilage is not as simple as it sounds. Food products of today must be produced without artificial additives and by as natural processes as possible – and yet the products must remain fresh and appealing throughout an adequately long shelf-life.

To comply with these seemingly contradictory demands, we develop and document new technologies as e.g. biopreservation. Furthermore we ensure that the application of the novel solutions comply with the requirements of the production process in question.

Our concept “Detect & Protect” has a proven track record. By exploiting the understanding of the problem gained from detecting the actual microorganisms which limit shelf-life, we can develop a tailor-made solution which provides the optimal protection of your product according to your specifications.

We can furthermore support you in a variety of situations:

  • If you need a reliable determination of shelf life: we can carry out shelf-life tests or challenge tests under the relevant conditions
  • If you need to know what limits shelf-life: we can isolate and identify the spoilage flora, and deposit the isolates in our strain collection for later use (e.g. in challenge tests or for testing efficacy)
  • We can provide you with a current overview of antimicrobial compounds or technologies (technical, legal and commercial aspects)
  • If you need to improve the efficacy of antimicrobial compounds or technologies: we can combine and document their efficacy under realistic conditions