ISI Food Protection in cooperation with Future Food Innovation

Future Food Innovation (FFI) is an innovation environment, where businesses, knowledge institutions and end-users are brought together to develop new, innovative products or technologies.

Currently we are supporting various projects with our know how and services. In frame of these projects we are working closely together with following projects partners:

  • Helstek, Aarhus University, Ingeniørhøjskolen and Lacto Technology
  • Cph. Beverage A/S and Aarhus University Hospital
  • Rævhede Naturprodukter

ISI Food Protection goes airborne

In addition to comprehensive test systems for food surfaces, food matrices and food contact surfaces, ISI Food Protection has established a system for creating controlled quantitative and qualitative compositions of airborne microflora on pilot plant scale level.
With this test system, conditions in food production facilities can be mimicked and thus, the impact of various parameters on airborne contaminants can be tested.
Consequently, ISI Food Protection can help food processors by identifying their specific airborne microorganisms as well as by testing relevant measures against these environment-specific organisms to enhance the air quality in the production environment.

Currently, ISI Food Protection conducts test with diverse vegetative cells, bacterial endospores, and with fungal spores, to document the efficacy of UV-treatment systems.