Primary production

Utilising the positive influence of beneficial microorganisms in the primary production is still not common practice in most industrial settings. And yet, microorganisms have a vast and varying influence on the development and growth of both plants and animals. Effects which can be targeted to boost both yield and quality.

In animal husbandry, selected microorganisms can be exploited e.g. for increasing the nutritional value in production of feed, or for repressing detrimental microorganisms, either internally or externally, and thereby enhancing animal health as well as reducing the microbial risk for workers and consumers.

In plant production, microorganisms can enhance uptake of certain nutrients or protect against specific plant diseases, however microorganisms can do much more than that. Certain microorganisms can produce specific plant hormones that directly influence the plant’s growth and development, potentially providing natural alternatives to chemical treatments.

Discovering the possibilities, unravelling the mechanisms and interactions and optimising commercial opportunities is still only just begun and holds a tremendous development potential. We can support you in this development, e.g.

  • Screening for microorganisms with desired properties and effects from relevant sources
  • Developing production / upscaling processes and formulation to obtain a culture product with optimal performance
  • Developing and optimising the practical application procedure to optimise efficacy and running costs